Update of Sorts


Just a small update! May has been crazy busy! I shot a wedding and a family birthday party,

I love Photography. I can’t do it all the time, but when I can I just get lost in the moment…



And This month I’ve also done a few speed reads – not on purpose but I LOVED the book and the story SO much I’d gotten lost in it and suddenly within 48 hours I had finished it. That’s a record for me. I’ll be posting those reviews this month also. Cinder, Attachments, The Masque of the Red Death, Easy, The American Vampire… see? I’ve been busy reading in May. Probably because I did the bout of books marathon. It helped…

Oh and I can’t forget my Epic Recs! Must post those! YES!!!

I’ll also have a few random posts – emotionally drunk – where I go over my favorite Class in College and my method to creating it. I’ll also be posting about Piracy in August and of course my favorite Month – October – about horror.

Ooh!!!! and I found this awesome blog I have to share with you thanks to The Perpetual Page-Turner … are you ready for the awesomeness?! Okay, The Real Fauxtographer – she loves to read and includes photographs of her favorite books – I think it’s ingenious! I wish I had come up with that idea- but clearly she got the awesome idea first! I loved it.

2 thoughts on “Update of Sorts

  1. The Dark Reading Room

    These are great pictures! I really like the “Bump Ahead” one, it’s a funny way to get pregnancy pictures. You also read a lot, nice! It’s fun reading that many books in one month and then having a bunch of reviews come out. I look forward to reading them. This is so odd, I’m not restricted to 140 characters! Muahaha, lol just kidding, I’m done :)


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