Top Five Books I Should Read Before I Start School

backtoschoolmustreadBack To School Must Reads – FOR ME! Because obviously some of these titles are very inappropriate for anyone in high school or below to read.

I believe this was a Top Ten Tuesday post from the broke and the bookish. Pretty sure it was last weeks. But I’m not positive. I’m a little behind. I’ll probably be posting memes that were done previously. I’m just trying to play catch up.

Actually, I think I posted one very much like it last year. Yes? Look at this post… pretty sure it’s the same type. Ha ha! Well, that makes me feel silly for posting similar posts…. What’s the point in that?

Let’s Try Top Five Books I should Read before I Start School – even though I’m clearly done with school (of any caliber). And these are just random ones that pop in my head and I will explain my train of thought after I write it.

  1. Maze Runner by James Dashner – yes, I know they are making a movie of it. That or it’s already out. I need to read the book before I see the movie. I know – that’s why it’s on this list. I’m just hesitant because I’m sick of dystopia novels. I am burned out after the Hunger Games and the Walking Dead – anything dystopia related actually.
  2. House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski – My cousin last weekend at a crab fest mentioned this one and of course I heard off it because well, I own it. My friend heather said it was really creepy and that I needed to read it awhile ago – probably a few years ago actually. So this I def should read… the only issue is it is a rather large book. I’ll see how my current read goes and get back to you on that.
  3. A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb – This one falls under the ‘need to read because its supposedly creepy’ category – which we all know Johannah LOVES!! And I don’t read enough of. I understand that this years goal is to read more romance – which I am. Still. Trying. To. Do. Lol. But around Halloween – I want something that sends chills down my spine and goose bumps up my arms kinda scary. The kind you don’t want to turn the lights off or you’re questioning what that noise was. Yeah, that kind of scary. Any other suggestions please share in the comments!
  4. Valkyrie Rising by Ingrid Paulson – This one I got on my kindle on one of those kindle daily deals or what have you – I snatched it up the second I saw it because I saw it fluttering around wendy darlings blog and well… her reviews have yet to lead me in the wrong direction. You know? Plus it’s been on my kindle for awhile. Pretty sure it’s getting impatient with me.
  5. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James – Now, before you start panicking and freaking out…. I’ve already have been warned and I’m sorry, I have to agree with some of my other friends. I can’t cast judgment on something I haven’t read. I can at least give it a go and see how I (me myself and I) feel about it. I know what I like to read and what I don’t like to read… and my tastes over the last couple of years have changed – and for the better I would think – and I’d like to think that’s cause I stepped away from the grocery store romance novels and onto better. But, I just have to give this book a shot. It has been so hyped up and talked about. I have to at least find out for myself what it is all about. And I will attempt to write a review on it.

Here is what a few friends of mine said…


50shades12 50shades1350shades14 50shades15  50shades16 50shades17

But like I stated above, I’m a big girl and I want to form my own thoughts and not let everyone else dictate to me what I read. I’ll do what I want!

Have you read any of these titles and what are your thoughts? What do you plan on reading before school starts?

6 thoughts on “Top Five Books I Should Read Before I Start School

    1. MsJohannah Post author

      I think the midnight garden did a review on it and Wendy has never steered me wrong so I look forward to reading it.

  1. Wendy Darling (@MissWendyD)

    Hah, definitely an unusual back to school list.

    I loved A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT, but it is absolutely NOT a scary book, despite the ghosts in it. It’s actually quite slow-moving and literary and sad, not at all the type of book you seem to be looking for at this particular moment. I’d suggest maybe ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD if you’re looking for creepy!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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