Review:Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Review of Cinder by Marrissa Meyer

Description: An Awesome Cyborg retelling of Cinderella.


The Good:

The world Marrissa Meyer created is awesome!!! I felt like I had fallen into the futuristic of Japan.

I loved how it followed the story of Cinderella but had its own twists and the story could stand on it’s own without knowing the actual story of Cinderella. I personally wasn’t a fan of Cinderella growing up (Shocking! I know!) But I LOVED this version.

The Characters were well developed and the story development was easy to follow and I found myself actually reading faster than the audio – I was following along on my kindle while the audio narrated. I like to be read to occasionally. I finished the book in a break-neck speed in 48 hours – which I might add is probably a record for me. I tend to be a slow reader.

The world building was fantastic and interesting and very involved with the story development itself.

And to think I had this book sitting on my kindle since May 23, 2013! I’m so ashamed that it had sat almost a year before I read it and fell in love. I need to download the rest of the series to find out what happens to Cinder!!

I would strongly suggest you read this! Put it on the top of your TBR List.


The Bad:

Nothing that stands out to the point it bothered me. I might have over looked a lot because let’s face it love is very blinding. Ha ha!!!


PS – Marrissa Meyer should NOT be linked to Stephenie Meyer (Twilight) like I originally thought. Writing and Story development are totally different. I thought they were related – and maybe they are?! But I liked Marrissa Meyer’s story SO much!!!!! Please don’t dismiss this book because they share the same last name! Give her a chance!


Five Out of Five Stars


If you like cyborg futuristic stories – read this.

If you like retellings of fairy-tales – read this.

If you want to feel like you just traveled to the future of Japan – read this.

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