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I’m here! I swear I’m here! I’ve been busy…sorry. My laptop’s motherboard blew up – it’s only 4 months old – so I had to send it back. Trust me I’m not happy about that, I lost ALL my work. And it’s put my second job on hold. It super sucks.



Plus, I went on vacation for a week to Bushkills PA. I LOVED it! We saw 6 or 7 different water falls – SO beautiful! The hike was the advanced trail – they were not kidding about the advanced part! But it was so worth it! We went to an animal reserve, I fed a bear and alligators! we also ate some amazing food – those of you that follow my instagram have seen it. We went horse back riding – I did it twice because I loved it so much! My future husband went to the tree adventures park thing. My feet stayed firmly on the ground. ha ha! He enjoyed it! We went on a trip to Franklin Hill Vineyards – that WAS SO much fun! We also spent hot evenings in the pool trying to relax and get some sun – we wound up playing in the water with two little kids. We had SUCH a great time at that resort! There was a lot to do and we packed our vacation full of stuff!


And my best friend is getting married in the next month or so – I’m SUPER excited about that!! I am super excited for her! It will be awesome!! (below is my bouquet – isn’t it beautiful?!)


I’ve also been doing major wedding planning. I found the dress – yes THE dress! My Wedding Dress! And no, I’m sorry I’m not sharing the pictures… I want it to be a surprise for my wedding party. I’ve got the cake taken care of, the dress, the photographer, and I’m working on a venue right now. I got sticker shocked when I called the first few and the more places I called the higher the price went it seemed. My budget for the entire event is 3 thousand. The wedding venue alone wanted 3 thousand. so that would just blow my budget out of the water. I’m still hunting… I will find one.

But I’ll share a dress I found on Alfred Angelo’s website that I LOVE – I love the idea and concept behind it. His Designs are based off Disney Characters. How awesome is that?!


I haven’t been reading as much as I should be. I notice during the summer months my views and stats take a nose dive -so I’ve decided to put the blog on a small hold until maybe August or September – most likely because just like me people are on vacation and enjoying the sun.
It will ¬†give me a chance to come up with ¬†awesome meme’s and what not. Kinda of like my magazine idea. I had two of those lined up for fun and then my laptop blew up… so I will either come up with something else or just remake those. I’m not sure yet.

But I will be on twitter – just like normal. I’ve been watching a lot of TV instead of reading… I know, I’m being SO bad right now letting the TV warp my brain. But I make up for it with reading eventually. Especially when Winter comes.

So what is everyone else’s summer turning out like? Are you getting a lot of reading done?

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  1. My Shelf Confessions

    What gorgeous pictures! That must’ve been an amazing and refreshing trip! I also LOVE those bouqets! I love they aren’t like the normal, just flowers that they’re something that the wedding party can keep and so fascinating to look at! Happy wedding planning! :D

    April @ My Shelf Confessions


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