How to fix a Book Slump

This is a lot like How to Fix A Book Hangover – another post I did that might help you move on – on to another book obviously. Enjoy and if you have any more suggestions – please comment below!

1. Reorganize bookshelf – that does two things. Gets your place more tiddy and at least for me makes me want to go over my books and get back to reading. I had to do that a few weeks ago purely because I was in the worst book hangover to date and I was getting sick of looking at mi unorganized chaos. Here are multiple pictures to prove what I did.


First, I took all the books off the bottom shelf and stacked them around me, and then I whipped down that shelf with a damp cloth and went to the shelf above that one and continued to stack the books on  the floor next to me and whipped down that shelf – and many books later, I was surrounded.


Then I organized them with the hard covers on the very bottom. And then just tried to put the romance and history on one shelf and fantasy and horror on another and then whatever was left over is what I put on the remaining shelves. See the very first image for example of completion.

2. Do a vote on what you should read next on your blog and have them put as to why you should read that book to motivate you to read it. I’ve tried this a few times and the silly voting system I had wasn’t working – google docs or something… I’m going to try again After May There Be Dragons.
3. Go through good reads. See what the site suggests (have a good laugh cause at least for me it won’t get it right).
4. Take a breather. I know you have a reading goal to meet, but being burned out won’t help you.
5. Close your eyes and have someone randomly spin you around in front of a shelf and which ever one your pointed finger lands on – that is the one you read.

7 thoughts on “How to fix a Book Slump

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  4. The Dark Reading Room

    These are some great suggestions! I’ll make sure to try them out because I desperately need to do something different to start reading again. Plus, it sounds so fun and I think my bookshelf requires a little loving, haha.

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