Arm Chair BEA 2014

Arm Chair BEA 2014

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Hi Everyone! This is my first time participating in Arm Chair BEA! I’ve actually never been to BEA like EVER. I want to go and maybe one day I will. I’ve become such a home body…

So a little bit about me. I live in Gettysburg – History town. I’ve been blogging since 2013 (I think?) and I just decided to do it after following Wendi Darlings blog forever ago. I love her honest reviews. You can find me on twitter and of course here on my blog. I blog about books and Graphic Design for fun.

What genre do I read the Most? Well, way, way before blogging… I use to read grocery store romances. That’s ALL I read. I became best friends with Lethia who use to work at a library and she opened me to other genres (It took YEARS!) and now I’d like to say I’m def geared more toward Young Adult genre than anything else.

What was my favorite book I read Last Year? Ooh, that is SO hard to figure out… The Distance Between Us & Splintered are the first two that popped in my head. Along with Warm Bodies. The Distance Between Us is a feel good romance novel that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy after reading. Splintered is just a awesome twist on Alice in Wonderland and I just connected to it more then I thought I would. Warm Bodies took me by surprise honestly… people were saying it was like twilight – the book is NOT like twilight and I would not recommend it for teenagers because of the content. But it is very entertaining and I LOVED it!
My favorite book so far this year is Cinder. I loved it! I literally binged-read it in 48 hours. I hardly EVER do that, but I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to download the next three in the series.

The book I’d LOVE to see as a movie is a no brainer – In the After by Demitria Lunetta. It was pretty awesome! I’d be afraid they’d screwed it up though…


The word Literature makes me wrinkle my nose and scrunch my face up. I picture dusty boring oversized text books when you say the word Literature. But the book worm in me wants to point out that Literature is what you WANT it to be. So for me, I think Literature is any type of books as long as you gain something from it. You gain new knowledge or understanding of something – anything. It doesn’t matter if it is Shakespeare or some small romance paper back at the grocery store. Hey, you read it and I think that counts as Literature since you have to read it.

What about you? What do you think of when you hear the word Literature.

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  1. Reviews from a Bookworm

    The Distance Between Us is one I read and loved this year, brilliant book. I also really enjoyed Cinder and am loving Scarlet so far. I have so many books I’d love to see being made into movies though.


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