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Now normally I'd post some random Photo I had taken saying Happy Halloween. But between the move and the house and work and my other work and more work and the Future Husband's hand... I'm just too lazy right now. lol. That and I haven't seen any creepy crawlies around my house - which is a good thing because I'm tired of spaying stuff to prevent them. ha ha!

Any who, Today, I'm going to tell you the top FIVE things that I'm afraid of. And please share yours as well! I'd love to hear things that your afraid of.

What I'm afraid of:

1.) Clowns. I hate them and they scare the crap out of me. Yes, I did see 'It' by Steven King and sadly at the time that I watched it was when they still had VHS and whoever I rented it from put the first VHS tape in the second box - which means I pretty much watched it backwards. Now that didn't scare me. But clowns still terrify me. I hate them!15181241870_5f5c28a7fb_o
Photo Credits: Here

2.) Elevators. Now let me explain this one. When I was young - really young my family and I were on vacation in Hawaii. Big beautiful hotel. It was also really busy and the elevator we got on to was packed. I got lost in the shuffle and suddenly I'm the only one remaining. I was too small to reach the buttons and remember having a purse filled with candy and I tried to smack the buttons with it and my M&M's went EVERY where. Come to find out - not only could I not reach the buttons it did get stuck. I didn't know till after. My parents were very upset and probably caused a lot of chaos to the front desk while they tried to figure out what elevator was broke and how to fix the problem. From that day forward. I avoided elevators. I still do actually... ask anyone I work with. I take the stairs. Hey, it's great exercise. ha ha!
Photo Credits: Here

3.) Spiders & BeesOkay correction. I'm not terrified of spiders ANY MORE! I still freak out if one lands on me or something. ha ha!! But I'm not like freaked out to the point of a panic attack - like I would be if I was trapped in a elevator. I got over my fear of spiders by taking pictures of them. Weird I know. Granted looking back... it also made me ignorant to the fact some of the spiders I took pictures of WERE fairly poisonous - but on the mild side I think. I just took pictures of them - not knowing I had captured pictures of a Wolf Spider, a Hobo Spider and a few others that are dangerous. Go figure... But now that I've educated myself on the types of spiders... I just don't take pictures of ANY of them. In fact, if I see one they die now. generally I'd scoop them up and take them outside where they belong. But not after doing my home work on the types that I've un knowingly taken pictures of that were dangerous. The Bees are a given. I'm allergic to them and they freak me out because if you make one Bee angry THEY ALL get angry and I don't know about you but the last thing I want to do is be chased down by a 100 or so Bees.
The Pictures Below I took.
spider1 spider2 bees

4.) Getting Lost. Thankfully with today's technology it's hard to get lost. Inless of course your phone is dead or your GPS is VERY out of date. Which could happen. But before the wonders of GPS they had Maps. They didn't help me worth a lick. I couldn't tell you where I'd be on the map if I had tried. I had gotten lost one evening and judging from my surroundings I was NOT in a good location. I locked my car doors and prayed I didn't have a big old Neon light blinking above my car saying I was lost. I didn't want to give anyone the opportunity to do anything. Luckily I had a friend in College - I called her up and she was able to get me safely back home.MapsPhoto Credits: Here

5.) Biological Warfare. This one is WAY out there in left field - I'm talking about Chemical Warfare. Could it happen? Yes. Will it happen? I have no idea. This is one of those things that just make you shiver thinking about it. If you've ever sat through a gas chamber - you'd understand. It is NO joke and horrible. Not being able to breath and your skin burning and itching like crazy - and that is just part of it. This dates back to Greek times - when they would coat their arrows with poisons and stuff. The Greeks were also nice enough to poison the drinking water of their enemy's by dumping it in the river that went down stream. From what I can remember from that lecture in High School. So, I'm not sure how true that is. Makes me want to see if Amazon sells gas masks... ha ha!!!
Photo Credit: Here

But those are my Five Things of What I'm Afraid Of. What are the five things you are afraid of?



I have been SOO busy recently!!! Between Wedding shooting (Photography, and BEING IN A WEDDING *It was fantastic*) and house hunting, packing, packing and more packing. I've been non stop busy. Not to mention the Future Husband broke his hand this past month! UGH!! I still love him. ha ha!
So, I'm not sure what to update you on. Well maybe I can start off with:

Have you been reading? - No. Yes, you read that right. Now I haven't. Well I have but I haven't finished anything I've picked up to read sadly. I'm in a reading slump which means i'm NINE books behind schedule to meet my goal for this year.

What are you excited to read? -  Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I'm super excited to read that in Febuary. I'm still trying to decide if I want to buy the kindle edition or a hardback edition.

What have I tried to read? - The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barns, Take me on by Katie McGarry, Earl Me & The Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews, Classic Goosebumps #1: Night of the Living Dummy by R. L. Stine (Still trying to read it)
NOW, before you start freaking out - It isn't the books that are the problem it's me. I'm having a horrible time focusing because I have SOO much going on right now. Trust me, all I want to do is curl up in my nice warm bed and fall asleep to a good book - or get caught up in it. But that doesn't seem to be happening recently. I'm not giving up on any of the books I mentioned above. I will go back to them and give them a fair chance. Because Katie, Jennifer, Jesse & R. L. Stine ALL deserve to be read and enjoyed.

Plus, the bookstore across the street from my full time job offered me some seasonal work - I was like YES! Where do I sign up?! So far I really like it. No- it will never compare to the awesome hotel job I have, but the happy little book worm in me is  dancing. And it's just for the holidays. And it also got me thinking about some good discussion posts too! YAY!!! wpid-20141023_123048.jpg

I haven't abandoned The Broken Shelf... I just haven't had time to update the blog recently. I will try to play catch up soon! :) I've missed telling everyone all the awesome books!
I will also try to share Five Things that freak me out as a Halloween Post. I meant to write them up 3 weeks ago but haven't gotten around to it.
I will try to get to it after work today. What is everyone else reading? Maybe telling me what your reading and what it's about will help get me out of this funk.

freddy_krueger (1)

Top Ten Rules to Follow In A Horror Movie:

  1. Do not run up the Stairs to the second or Third Floor. You won’t find an easy exit.
  2. Along the lines of #1 – don’t go to the basement. It’s dark, dusty and most likely where the killer keeps the bodies or at least gets rid of them. And Most likely has NO EXIT!!!
  3. Do not run into the kitchen – lots of sharp objects – for you AND the killer to use – and trust me the chance of him hurting you first are greater.
  4. Don’t separate from the pack. It’s easier to bump off one person then a whole group. Strength in Numbers.
  5. Don’t have sex – generally the killer will find you during this time while you are distracted he will kill you. He has no issues with you or your significant other being naked and still trying to kill you.
  6. If you’re buying a house and the realtor avoids questions about previous residents or about the land it was built on or better yet – it’s at a super cheap price DO NOT BUY IT! There is a reason it is at that price!
  7. If car runs out of gas in the middle of a dark and deserted road in the middle of NO where – DO NOT GET OUT OF THE Vehicle to find a gas station. You’re asking for trouble the second you step out of the Vehicle.
  8. Don’t play with magic – be it a Ouija board, voodoo, tarot cards, palm readings, fortune tellers. Just steer clear of ALL of that. Why invite trouble to your front door?
  9. Say, you basically screwed and you are being chased by the Killer – make sure to wear good shoes and that you are physically fit.
  10. Wear several layers of clothing – so you can use it for a Tourniquet later in case you need it.


All of these great suggestions you should keep in mind…. Just in case there really is a Jason or Freddy Krueger living next door to you.


Image of Freddy Krueger found on google.com the rest of the images are from me.

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What creates a good horror story?

I’m not a writer – far from it actually. I just know that I love watching and reading horror movies, horror books. One of the many different types of things I enjoy reading. I read almost everything. But, I’m not expert.

Here are 7 things I find that make a great horror movie.


  1. Realism. It has to have something that I can relate too. Like if the horror movie is set in an old abandoned house – or one that is haunted. I can relate to that, because I’m obsessed with photographing them. Or say, you’re driving down a road with big tall trees on either side of you going up and down sharp curvy roads with dense fog to deal with… what scary movie pops in your head? Last House on the Left… wrong turn… those are realistic.
  2. Need to breath. Action. This is a definite must for me. It needs to have a ton of action in it, so I’m left trying to remember how to breath.
  3. Suspense. Things that make you hold your breath or bite your finger nails. I think chase scenes will also fall in this category. Unless of course they run up stairs and there is no way out… or down to the basement. But then again, that creates a different type of suspense because then you’re yelling at the main character for being so stupid because now there is no way out.
  4. The Unknown. Sometimes there is a lot of horror in the unknown. Ooh there is a huge plague outbreak and they are trying to find a cure. That’s scary. Especially if it’s time sensitive and I’m sure there has to be things added to it to create more meat to the story.
  5. He’s right behind you. This one is my all time favorite. This falls under the first two things perfectly. The main Character doesn’t know who her killer is, but the reader finds out just a few pages before the main character does.  I love that.
  6. Creepy Setting. Pretty sure you need this to make a great horror movie. I’m sorry; I just can’t find myself being scared in the middle of Toys R Us with all the lights on and fun music in the background. Now if you turn the lights off and just have one doll that won’t shut up and says some bizarre saying every random moment – creepy.
  7. The End. The ending needs to tie up all those loose ends you created in the beginning.  And some can leave you hanging – that’s okay in some cases. But I def enjoy the kind that make you think. Some horror movies tie in a great twist near the end to make me go ‘what just happened?’ and that is awesome! Love it!


What things do you find make a great horror story?

Batman, Vol. 1: The Court of Owls

By Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion

Short Description: Follow Bats as he runs around Gotham City trying to solve a deadly mystery and not loose himself in the process.


This is not my first comic – but it is my first comic review. I thought I’d at least give it a try. Since comics are more visual then just words. I am going to share with you some of the images in the comic to give you a good idea of the graphics. So, here we go:


The Good:

The graphics are fantastic!

Storyline is strong and fast paced! It isn’t old school though (with the wham, bam POW) kinda thing. I wasn’t expecting that so it was fine for me.

I have read other comics by Scott Snyder and was really, really disappointed – granted it was a collaboration with Steven King – so I don’t know who’s head that would fall on. So honestly I was a little hesitant to start this one. But I needed my Batman fix since none of the new games have come out yet or movies or anything. Plus, it was the batman anniversary or something and you can’t beat 1.99 comic!

This Comic did not disappoint tho! I think the story line and the awesome graphics made this a very strong graphic novel. I like how Batman isn’t portrayed as being perfect either. At some point he clearly loses it and has to talk himself sane basically.

It was dark. It gave me some really weird and screwed up dreams while I was reading it. I’d fall asleep on it and wake up all disorientated and just down right moody from the weird dreams it gave me. I wouldn’t recommend this for small children.

But if you are looking for a Batman that has some real life characterization to him- this is it! I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read more!batman5

The Graphics are what really sold this story for me though. LOVED them!


The Bad:

Parts of it I got a little confused and lost. I’m not sure if that was the intention since Bats was technically losing his mind. And if they wanted the reader to actually have those same feelings I’m not sure.

Batman looks fat to me in some of the drawings. He looks so... square in the face. That isn't how I picture him in my head. He reminds me of frat boys in college and that isn't how I want my Batman draw personally. I'm done with college. ha ha! I want a mature debonair kinda Batman.batman3

Now this part has nothing to do with the comic – just amazon’s comic mobi file version. It was really frustrating when some of the pages wouldn’t load right on my kindle fire. When I view it on my laptop it looks fantastic and works fine (with the up and down arrow keys – not the side to side keys like when you turn the page).

Four Out of Five Stars.


If you enjoy dark, real characters (the mental struggle poor bats went through) – Read this.

If you like comics that the graphics ROCK and pull you in – Read this.

If you love Batman and have played the video games – Read this.

If you want to see some kick butt crime fighting – Read this.


Creative Juice #2


This is a creative meme I created for fun, where I design random magazine covers for places I've visited over the years. All the images used in the magazine I took and it is all done in Photoshop or Illustrator.

...continue reading


Far From You by Tess Sharpe


Short Description: Teenager that had an addiction to pain medication and trying to clear her name about a Murder and prove that she’d hasn’t relapsed.

The Good:

The friendship and bond between Rachel and Sophie was fantastic! It reminded me of some of my closest friends and how real it was.

I loved Sophie’s Character! She was real. She was in pain from an accident that had taken away her ability to walk and be a normal teenage.
...continue reading


I See The Web20bookblitz

Hello! I'd like to introduce my friend and author/Editor Cait Spivy (Just click her name to be taken to her blog).



You can find her over at Bear and Black Dog Editing where she works really hard on awesome manual scripts. She sometimes hangs out at Curiosity Quills Press and last but not least you can trace her plugging away at REUTS Publications. She's here today to talk about how she does Character Development.

I apologize in advance for the overuse of exclamation points. I'm super excited to be apart of this Book Blog Tour! ) So here it goes! This might be a REALLY long blog post because I don't want to leave anything out! So please hang in there!
...continue reading

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For the Love of Death Blitz


Yes, I'm doing a Book Blitz for Tamara Rose Blodgett because well I read the first book in her series and LOVED it! No, I haven't read the others (I'm horrible at keeping up with series, sorry Tamara - but a really good friend of mine likes her books too so I thought I'd at least honor her awesomeness and do a book blitz for it!) And if you read EVERYTHING in this post there will be a link to a give away! GET IT!!

Alright let's get down to the good stuff you're really interested in:
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